Studying of “The Teaching of Buddha” for Daily Life

BDK has set a goal of propagating the Buddhist spirit and enhancing Buddhist culture. Towards this goal, BDK sponsors the Studying of “The Teaching of Buddha for Daily life.”

This lecture series was established in response to requests for a study group of “The Teaching of Buddha” from the audience at the BDK 15th memorial lecture in 1981. The Studying of “The Teaching of Buddha” for Daily Life started in 1982 with the late Rev. Hanayama Shoyu, who was invited to be the lecturer.

Presently, BDK holds monthly lectures in a friendly atmosphere to share the Dharma so that attendees can learn how to live their daily lives with the spirit of the Buddha through reading “The Teaching of Buddha.”

*Lectures are only in Japanese. If you wish to participate, please send us an e-mail.

Year-round schedule

Date Lecture
01 2020.05.26(Tue) Ryojo Shioiri
02 2020.06.23(Tue) Hisao Maeda
03 2020.07.28(Tue) Ryojo Shioiri
04 2020.09.15(Tue) Hisao Maeda
05 2020.10.20(Tue) Hisao Maeda
06 2020.11.24(Tue) Ryojo Shioiri
07 2020.12.15(Tue) Hisao Maeda
08 2021.01.26(Tue) Ryojo Shioiri
09 2021.03.09(Tue) ※Changed from 02.09 Hisao Maeda
10 2021.03.23(Tue) Ryojo Shioiri

※Due to circumstances, there is possibility to change this schedule.

Ryojo Shioiri
Chief Priest of Hozenin, Shokannon School Asakusa Temple
Makoto Ichiraku
Hisao Maeda
Associate Professor at Musashino University
Koji Chiba

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