Kokoro-no-Ehon-Taisho (Picture Book For your Heart and Mind)

In 2016, BDK initiated a project called “Kokoro-no-Ehon-Taisho (Picture Book for Your Heart and Mind)” co-sponsored by Suzuki Publications and supported by the Mainichi Newspaper, the Japan Buddhist Nursing Association and the National Youth Indoctrination Council with the aim of promoting the development of the hearts and minds of children through reading.

Every year, BDK solicits potential works for the picture book award for the purpose of developing children’s hearts and minds, and we publish the award winning picture book for distribution to Buddhist childcare facilities throughout Japan.

Works published so far

The 1st Grand Prize winner:
“Boku-no-Omairi-ga-Nagai-Wake(The Reason Why I Play for So Long)

The 2nd Grand Prize winner:
“Hashiru Ojizo-san(Running Jizo: the Guardian Deity of Travelers, Children, and Pregnant Woman.)”

The 3rd Grand Prize winner:
“Hiyoko-ga-Hoshiimono(What a Chick Wants)”

The 4th Grand Prize winner:
“Ari-ga-Dance-wo-Odottara(When the Ant Dances)”

The 5th Grand Prize winner:
“Gamaguchi-san(Ms. Purse with a clasp)”

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