Elementary Course of Buddhist Lectures on “Japanese Buddhism – Learning from Scratch”

“What is Japanese Buddhism?”
“What are the differences among Japanese Buddhist denominations?”
“What is my Buddhist denomination all about?”

The lectures are about the basics of each school in terms of its principles, history and the life of each founder.

*Lectures are only in Japanese. If you wish to participate, please send us an e-mail.

Year-round schedule

Date Theme
2022.04.26(Tue) Tendai-Shu / Saicho
2022.05.31(Tue) Shingon-Shu / Kukai
2022.06.28(Tue) Jodo-Shu / Honen
2022.07.19(Tue) Jodoshin-shu / Shinran
2022.08.30(Tue) Ji-shu / Ippen
2022.09.27(Tue) Rinzai-shu / Yousai
2022.10.25(Tue) Soto-shu / Dogen
2022.11.29(Tue) Nichiren-shu / Nichiren

※Due to circumstances, there is possibility to change this schedule.

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