Studying the “The Teaching of Buddha” for Business

Studying the “The Teaching of Buddha” for Business
BDK has set a goal of propagating the Buddhist spirit and enhancing Buddhist culture. Towards this goal, BDK sponsors the Studying of “The Teaching of Buddha for Business.”
This lecture series was established as a non-sectarian study group of “The Teaching of Buddha” in 1981 by managers who read the book in hotel rooms during their business trips. Currently, this lecture series is held for managers to help their management and business people guide their lives through Buddhist wisdom and compassion.
Studying of the “The Teaching of Buddha” takes place once a month and is open to all interested business people.

*Lectures are only in Japanese. If you wish to participate, please send us an e-mail.

Year-round schedule

Date Lecture
01 2024.04.26(Fri) Makoto Ichiraku
02 2024.05.31(Fri) Koji Chiba
03 2024.07.05(Fri) Makoto Ichiraku
04 2024.07.26(Fri) Koji Chiba
05 2024.10.18(Fri) Makoto Ichiraku
06 2024.11.15(Fri) Koji Chiba
07 2024.12.20(Fri) Makoto Ichiraku
08 2025.01.24(Fri) Koji Chiba
09 2025.02.21(Fri) Makoto Ichiraku
10 2025.03.21(Fri) Koji Chiba
Makoto Ichiraku
President at Otani University
Makoto Ichiraku
Koji Chiba
President at Tohoku Fukushi University
Koji Chiba

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