Studying of Buddhism Through English

This seminar provides an opportunity for people to learn and enjoy Buddhism in both Japanese and English by using selected BDK textbooks.

BDK holds the “Buddhism through English” seminar for people who are not familiar with Japanese culture or the Buddhist spirit so that they can learn Buddhism through English, one of worldwide languages of western culture.

BDK welcomes your attendance at the “Buddhism Through English” seminar.

Year-round schedule

Level 3 Class Date Level 2 Class Date
1 2021.05.10(Mon) 1 2021.05.26(Wed)
2 2021.06.07(Mon) 2 2021.06.23(Wed)
3 2021.06.28(Mon) 3 2021.07.14(Wed)
4 2021.07.12(Mon) 4 2021.07.28(Wed)
5 2021.07.26(Mon) 5 2021.09.29(Wed)
6 2021.10.04(Mon) 6 2021.10.27(Wed)
7 2021.11.08(Mon) 7 2021.11.24(Wed)
8 2021.12.13(Mon) 8 2021.12.22(Wed)
9 2022.01.17(Mon) 9 2022.01.26(Wed)
Final exam 2022.02.12(Sat) Final exam 2022.02.19(Sat)
10 2022.02.21(Mon) 10 2022.03.02(Wed)

※Due to circumstances, there is possibility to change this schedule.

Dr. Kenneth Tanaka
Emeritus professor of Buddhist Studies at Musashino University, ordained Shin Buddhist minister, received MAs from IBS as well as University of Tokyo, and PhD. from U.C. Berkeley. Served as president of the International Association of Shin Buddhist Studies (IASBS) and The Japanese Association for the Study of Buddhism and Psychology.
Dr. Kenneth Kenshin Tanaka
Ms. Carrie Tanaka
Researcher of English Vocology, Expert Instructor of English Pronunciation, Pianist, and Instructor of Piano. Bachelor of Music from Kunitachi College of Music, Master of Music from Holy Names University, and Master of English from Musashino University. Currently serves as part-time lecturer at Toyo University, and two other universities. Former Part-time Lecturer at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies.
Ms. Carey Tanaka

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