Buddhist Yoga

Would you like to refresh your tired body and mind after working?
The BDK Buddhist yoga class offers Dharma talks and seasonal Yoga practices.
Through these experiences, you might encounter yourself as you have never seen yourself before in your daily life.

Buddhist Yoga

Year-round schedule

Date Topic of Dharma Talk
01 2020.04.28(Wed) Shakyamuni Buddha’s Birthday
“Flower Festival”
02 2020.05.13(Wed) Happiness from the Viewpoint of Buddhism and Yoga
03 2020.06.03(Wed) Working from the Viewpoint of Buddhism and Yoga
04 2020.07.08(Wed) Buddhist Annual Event in July
“Service for Feeding Hungry Ghosts”
05 2020.08.05(Wed) Buddhist Annual Event in August
06 2020.09.02(Wed) Buddhist Annual Event in September “Autumn Higan Service”
07 2020.10.14(Wed) Friendship from the Viewpoint of Buddhism and Yoga
08 2021.11.04(Wed) Anger from the Viewpoint of Buddhism and Yoga
09 2021.12.02(Wed) Buddhist Annual Event in December
“Bodhi Day”
10 2021.01.06(Wed) Meals from the viewpoint of Buddhism and Yoga
11 2021.02.03(Wed) Buddhist Annual Event in February
“Nirvana Day”
12 2021.03.03(Wed) Separation from the viewpoint of Buddhism and Yoga

※Due to circumstances, there is possibility to change this schedule.

Gazzo Yuuka(From April to December)
Vice Chief Priest of Seiganji, a temple in Yamagata prefecture, and Yoga instructor. Born in Yamagata prefecture in 1983. Graduated from the Department of Buddhist Studies, Faculty of Human Studies at Taisho University. Her activities are aimed at providing opportunities to expose people to Buddhism through Yoga by holding Yoga seminars around Japan. She has served as a Yoga instructor for 14 years. Her seminars are famous for teaching easy practices for beginners.
Gazzo Yuuka
Go Sato(From January to March)
Has many yoga courses as a main teacher around Japan, and experiences taking stage of yoga events hosted by government offices such as ministry of Agriculture, and by famous companies. Supervised curriculums for educating yoga instructor, and philosophical yoga class. Has served as educator for training yoga instructor for over 10 years. Trained over 1500 yoga instructors.
Gazzo Yuuka

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