Buddhist Yoga

Would you like to refresh your tired body and mind after working?
The BDK Buddhist yoga class offers Dharma talks and seasonal Yoga practices.
Through these experiences, you might encounter yourself as you have never seen yourself before in your daily life.

Buddhist Yoga

Year-round schedule

01 2024.04.10(Wed)
02 2024.05.08(Wed)
03 2024.06.05(Wed)
04 2024.07.03(Wed)
05 2024.08.07(Wed)
06 2024.09.04(Wed)
07 2024.10.09(Wed)
08 2024.11.06(Wed)
09 2024.12.04(Wed)

※Due to circumstances, there is possibility to change this schedule.

Momo(Rev. Ryoyu Konishi)
Ashtanga Yoga instructor officially certified by Sharath Yoga Center, SYC in India. Koyasan Shingon sect Buddhist priest.
Teaches over 1,000 people monthly. Instructor at Yoga Festa, the biggest Yoga event in Asia for ten years. Published DVDs. Directs for TV commercials, magazines, etc. Also teaches at business corporations. MA from Koyasan University. Completed 100 days of training at Koyasan Shingon Sect Main Temple Kongobu-ji and participated in Denpo Kanjo consecration ritual for the conferral of the status of Acharya in esoteric Buddhism. Received the status of Acharya by Rev. Zenryu Hidaka, the 520th Hoin, the head priest of Kongobu-ji.

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