BDK Symposium

BDK invites distinguished people in various field as lecturers for the BDK symposium in order to give opportunities for the public to think about Buddhism from various perspectives and become more familiar with Buddhism.

Nowadays, people are moving closer to Buddhism because the media highlights the social role of Buddhism, Buddhist priests and Buddhist temples. However, it is noteworthy that this movement is based on activities by Buddhists who seriously try to solve various problems. The purpose of this symposium is to give opportunities for people to deepen their understanding of Buddhism, Buddhist priests, and Buddhist temples through listening to the voices of those Buddhists working on the front lines.

2nd “The Revival of the Spirit of Japanese Buddhism”
Lecture: Dr. Takeshi Yoro
14th “Let’s Talk About the Future of Religion”
Lectures: Rev. Masahide Haresaku, Rev. Daiko Matsuyama, Rev. Koji Yano, Rev. Nasser Nagano

Chronology of BDK Symposium

Date Lecture(s) Theme
27th March 5,2022 Prof.Shigeki Moro “Thining about Fragmentaion and Harmony in Modern Society”
26th November 6,2021 Rev,Tomoshi Okuda,Ms.Randy Taguchi, Rev.Gakugen Yoshimizu “Let's Talk about Religion 2021 -The Direction of Post COVID Religion”
25th September 13,2021 Rev.Hidenori Ukai,Mr.Hideo Usui “What Is Going to Happen to Buddhism? -How It Should be for the COVID World”
24th March 13,2021 Rev. Myoyu Tamaoki “Buddhism and Palliative Care –Supporting Last Moment with Calm”
23rd December 10, 2020 Rev.Jikisai Minami “Are We Able to Make Ourselves Happy through Buddhism?”
22nd September 12, 2020 Dr.Shoji Mori “The new biography of Sakyamuni Buddha – The world's first study revealing the Buddha’s whole life”
21st November 28, 2019 Rev. Taishu Kawano, Psychiatry and Psychodiagnosis Medical Doctor,Chief Priest of Rinko-ji, Rinzai denomination Kenchoji school temple Rev. Yugaku Ikawa, Representative of Society for Interfaith Chaplaincy in Kanto Region “Medicine and Buddhism”
20th October 29, 2019 Prof. George Tanabe, Emeritus Professor at the University of Hawaii Prof. Shizuka Sasaki, Professor at Hanazono University “The Future of Japanese Buddhism”
19th July 22, 2019 Rev. Eshin Nishimura, Priest of Kofuku-ji, Rinzai denomination Myoshin-ji School. “Living with Self-Insight-80 years way of Zen”
18th March 19,2019 Prof. Satoshi Yabuuchi, Sculptor, Professor of Tokyo University of Arts “Consent to History, Wonders of Buddhist Statues – Origins of Buddha”
17th October 28, 2020 Rev. Shundo Aoyama “How to Live Your Life Only Once
16th February 13,2019 Prof. Atsushi Kawai, Visiting Professor at Tama University, lecturer of Waseda University “Deciphering Japanese History – The Mystery of Japanese Buddhism”
15th August 30,2018 Rev. Norihiro Nagakura, Chief Priest of Jodoshinshu Hongwanji School Zenpukuji Temple, Lecturer of Shiga University of Medical Science ““Scenes of Buddhism by Bedsides-with patients, families and medical workers”
14th February 27, 2018 Rev. Masahide Haresaku, Asakusa Catholic Church
Rev. Daiko Matsuyama, Rinzaishu Taizoin Temple
Rev. Koji Yano, Asakusa Shrine
Rev. Nasser Nagano, Japanese Muslim
“Let’s Talk About the Future of Religion”
13th July 11, 2017 Mr. Hidemori Gen, President of Public Interest Incorporated Foundation, Former Representative of Japan Buddhist Shelter “Buddhists Facing Society : Living today as if it were your last day”
12th March 10, 2017 Prof. Hideho Arita, Emeritus Professor at Medical School of Toho University “Solving Zazen with Serotonin Neurons”
11th September 13, 2016 Mr. Osamu Mizutani, Former High School Teacher and Education Critic “Children Suffering from Mental Illnesses-What religions can do”
10th May 26,2016 Prof. Koitsu Yokoyama, Emeritus Professor of Rikkyo University “Health From The Unconscious Mind –Learning from Yogacara ideas”
9th February 12,2016 Prof. Carl Becker, Professor of Kyoto University “Science and Piety-Scientific basis on Amitabha”
8th July 24, 2015 Dr. Shizuka Sasaki, Professor at Hanazono University “Science and Piety-What we can live
7th March 17, 2015 Dr. Rika Kayama, Certified psychiatrist, Critic, Professor at Rikkyo University “Buddhism and Myself –How we can live with Harsh Realities”
6th September 3, 2014 Mr. Tetsuya Miyazaki, Critic, Author “Buddhism and Myself –Why we need Buddhism now”
5th May 16, 2014 Ms. Mitsuyo Ohira, Lawyer, Author, Former deputy mayor of Osaka “Buddhism and Myself –How to make daily life better through Buddhist wisdom”
4th February 21, 2014 Prof. Noriyuki Ueda, Professor at Tokyo institute of Technology “The Role and Potential of Temples”
3rd September 19, 2013 Rev. Alubomulle Sumanasara, Japan Theravada Buddhist Association
Rev. Kenneth Tanaka, Jodoshinshu Hongwanji school
Rev. Muho Nölk, Sotoshu
“The Significance of Japanese perspectives of Buddhism and Religion”
2nd April 10, 2013 Dr. Takeshi Yoro, Professor Emeritus at Tokyo University “The Revival of the Spirit of Japanese Buddhism”
1st September 3, 2012 Rev. Tesshu Shaku, JodoShinshu
Rev. Junsho Oka, Tendaishu
Rev. Ryuho Ikeguchi, Jodoshu
Rev. Daiko Matsuyama, Rinzaishu
“Questioning Buddhism and Responding Buddhism”

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