“Let it Shine!” Temple Bulletin Board Project

The “Let it Shine!” Temple Bulletin Board Project invites SNS posts of slogans on bulletin boards at temples throughout Japan and selects a grand prize winner by reviews and comments.

This project has been widely reported on major websites as the first Buddhist SNS project, and websites took notice of this.

The Grand Prize in 2018:
“You will die someday.” Said by Shakyamuni.

Winner: NAKATA Junko
Image taken as Ganrenji Temple of the Shinshu Ohtani School in Gifu Prefecture

The Grand Prize in 2019:
“All sentinent beings are anxious. I, Amida myself will make a move to help them.”

Winner:MATSUZAKI Chikai
Image taken at Eimeiji Temple of the Jodo Shishu Hongwanji School in Fukuoka prefecture

The Grand Prize in 2020:
“The most terrifying thing is a human being, not COVID-19.”

Winner: A drug store clerk in Kanagawa Prefecture
Image taken at Myodoji Temple of the Jodo Shinshu Hongwanji School in Kumamoto prefecture.

The Grand prize in 2021:
“Buddha forgives you as many an you wish”

Image taken at Chokakuji temple of Shinshu Ohtani School in Hiroshima prefecture.

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