About The Teaching of Buddha


“The Teaching of Buddha” is a collection of Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings. We have compiled this easy to understand book so that everyone can receive these teachings.


Shakyamuni, the founder of Buddhism reached enlightenment and attained the state of Buddhahood at thirty-five years of age. Before entering into Nirvana at the age of eighty, He gently shared his realization for forty-five years through various teachings that could be understood by anyone. After He passed away, his disciples assembled and examined the compilation of His teachings to pass them down to the succeeding generations. This compilation developed into the “sutra.”
These teachings first spread in the Pali language as Theravada Buddhism spread to Sri Lanka, Thailand, Myanmar and Southeast Asian. Meanwhile, the teaching based on Sanskrit translations spread as Mahayana Buddhism entered into the western regions of China, Tibet, China, Korea and Japan. The sutras transmitted to China from India came to Japan through Chinese (kanji) translations.

Modernization of the Sutra

“The Teaching of Buddha” is a collection of Shakyamuni Buddha’s teachings and not only contains the significant essence of the more than 5,000 sutras transmitted in Japan, but also includes selections from the Pali sutras transmitted to southern Asia. We have compiled these teachings into an easy to understand book so that everyone can receive these teachings, with or without any prior understanding of Buddhism.
※If you would like to receive a copy of “The Teaching of Buddha,” please contact our affiliate organization for your country. (For a listing of BDK affiliates, please see the “BDK Affiliated Organizations” section)
In case, you are uncertain as to where to contact, please contact the BDK Japan office.

The Purpose and Significance of Distribution of “The Teaching of Buddha”

Buddhism for the Perfection of the Human Mind

What is needed in this present materialistic society which has no heartfelt foundation, is the realization of a peaceful society where everyone can entrust themselves. Attainment of a peaceful society will be completed only upon the perfection of the human mind, and for this purpose, there are the teachings of Buddha.
Shakyamuni sought the path of transcending sufferings in this disillusioned world. The practice of his teachings means to discover the true meaning of life. When we truly entrust ourselves to the teachings of Buddha, our uncontrollable reality will be transformed into gratitude for life as it is, and the path for the perfection of human mind will be opened.

Our Wish

For the last fifty years, it has been BDK’s sincere wish to make “The Teaching of Buddha” book available to the whole world. To date, we have distributed over 8.4 million copies of the book to more than 60 countries and regions, and the book has been translated into 46 languages thus far.

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